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Municipal Matters get a new look

While I liked the old version of Sean Shaw’s blog, Municipal Matters, I am really liking the new look and feel to his blog on Saskatoon politics and governance.  If you get a chance, check it out along with a couple other Saskatoon civic blogs that are a lot of fun reading, even when we find ourselves on different sides of the same issue.

While on the topic of city hall, Dave Hutton’s post points out that the province could be tossing some money into Gordie Howe Bowl, something I have been saying needs to be done since I was 12.  Seriously, since I was 12 I have been telling anyone who cared that Gordie Howe Bowl has tremendous potential as an entertainment destination.  I wonder if I put up a PayPal link if we could get enough donations in to get the naming rights. If Stephen Colbert can get a urinal on the space station named after him…