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Bike Sales 101

maverick3mens-0 I have been looking all over town for a bike the last couple of weeks.  Some bike shops are higher end than others and some of the advice that I got was fantastic.  After explaining what I wanted to a couple of stores, they suggested I look used or gave me some brands that other stores carried which I was blown away by.  They were quick to tell me that they could service the bikes and upgrade some of the components. 

The shop that I thought I was going to buy from was a mess.  First of all they tried to upsell Wendy when she stopped by to see what they had and then when I came by, the salesmen insisted that I needed to spend at least $1700 but if I was  going to be really happy, I needed to spend $2200.  This would be like going into a General Motors dealership to look at a Cobalt (a car that has grown on me) and being told that I have to purchase a Cadillac or I won’t be happy at all.  The Cadillac may be a fantastic car but if all I want is a Cobalt… I finally asked him, "If those Trek bikes that you carry are such pieces of crap, why do you keep them in the store?"  He didn’t have much of an answer except he thought they weren’t the right fit for me.  At that I left.

In the end, we looked at the big box sports stores and I wasn’t that impressed with the quality until I saw an Iron Horse bike at Sport Check, after researching them online I decided to get it.  In the end, my two days of dithering made it so the bike was on sale for about half price.

As I said when chatting with Dave King via IM today, if I get 50 trips in this summer and fall, I will be very happy.