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Being a Habs fan counts for something

Montreal Canadiens logo I have known several die hard Montreal Canadiens fans over the years.  They are obnoxious and arrogant and when the Habs are winning, they can be impossible to be around. 

The same can be said for Toronto Maple Leaf fans.  They are also obnoxious, arrogant and the occasional times when the Buds are winning, they can be impossible to be around. 

The difference between the two is that Montreal actually wins.  They win a lot.  They win Stanley Cups.  24 of them to be exact.  In addition to a lot of Stanley Cups, they have a lot of players who are legends.  The Toronto Maple Leafs haven’t won a Stanley Cup since since 1967.  Their owner for the longest time was Harold Ballard which I could comment on but most of the relevant facts are still in sealed by the courts.

In other words as a Calgary Flames fan, I will take abuse and taunting from Montreal Canadian fans, your franchise has earned obnoxious fans.  Do them proud.  As for Toronto Maple Leafs fans… well when I go to the circus, I generally ignore what the clowns have to say :-)  Win another five Stanley Cups and we may start to pay attention.