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Cooper & Associates

I don’t talk much about religion here any longer but I am Free Methodist and I do have an interest in how the denomination does.  Over the years I have been a member of a couple of committees and working groups and have developed a respect for our Bishop and the national leadership team.  Connected to that Jared Siebert has moved from the mecca of Free Methodism and HQ in Mississauga (formerly referred to as the Regina of Ontario on this blog) to Saskatoon.  It’s great to have Jared, Katherine and their kids here and we had a fun Thanksgiving with them at the lake. 

In addition to Jared having me come over with chainsaw to cut a forest down in front of his bay window (seriously, why do people plant/weed things in front of windows?), he asked me to spent a morning at The Two Twenty working out a communication plan for him and his role as church development within the denomination.    We are still rolling it out (actually Jared is rolling it out, I just tell him what to do and criticize his execution of it) and once we get it going, I’ll do a post on why we chose the way we did.  In doing some work on it I asked some friends what their denomination does for internal communications and the consensus was that they don’t really.  Money and time are the two biggest things to overcome.

While I won’t get into specifics, when we were talking about what he wanted to do, I was amazed how easy technology that has come out in the last year and is essentially free is making it easy to do it.  One of the things we were talking about is going to take Jared (or his helper monkey) three minutes to do with some free software.  A decade ago it would have needed $10,000 of equipment.  When I do post what we are doing and why, you will be appalled/surprised at where we got our inspiration from.

The Regina of Ontario

I’m in Mississauga for a couple of days near the airport for a Social Services conference and am staying at the Delta Airport West hotel.  The hotel is nice and the staff was great.  I was about to rave about the hotel until I found some boogers in my coffee cup as I finished taking a drink from it.  I fully expect to be dead by morning. 

I had plans to take the Go Train into Toronto tonight but I haven’t been feeling well and am just tired.  I am rooming with our Corrections Coordinator and after getting into the room, grabbing a bite to eat, I lost my motivation to head out and we watched a wide variety of YouTube clips while listening to the party next door get rowdier and rowdier (I can’t hear them right now.  They may have quieted down).  While the posting here won’t interest many of you over the next couple of days, I will be posting notes and thoughts to both Twitter and here.