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A couple of months ago Wendy and I got some shocking news that our trusted mechanics had retired and sold out to someone else who planned to open a used car lot.  Now our mechanics were grease monkeys in the best possible way.  They were always honest, never overcharged us, and always came in below their always inexpensive quote.  Now they mocked my car knowledge but they treated Wendy well which was cool.

Of course we were at a loss on where to take our Honda Accord or Dodge Caravan.  This became an issue when the brakes failed on the van last week.  The Centre uses Shirley’s Auto Service which is just down the street and so do several co-workers who all speak highly of them with one issue.  The problem with Shirley’s is that you can’t just bring your car over, it is a four to five day wait.  Don’t even think about heading in their for an oil change as they are too busy and refer to The Great Canadian Oil Change.  During these days of waiting, I called around, described the symptoms to other mechanics and was told it would be $300 which didn’t seem unreasonable but Shirley’s told me it would be under $150 to fix.  Well sure enough the bill was tallied and it was only $120.

It does lead us to another discussion around here and that is what do we want to do with our cars over the next year?