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Random NFL stuff

Wow, the 147 year old Kurt Warner beat out Matt Leinhart for the Arizona Cardinals starting QB job.  Around the jordoncooper.com headquarters we like both QBs but this was an unexpected development.  It is the exact opposite approach that the Green Bay Packers did.  Of course the other news of the day is that the Atlanta Falcons are making a big mistake in rushing along Matt Ryan.  I would comment on the situation in San Francisco but does it matter who plays there?  Also, if you are not going to play Alex Smith, why not cut Alex Smith?  Before you get going on Alex Smith being drafted #1, it was a really weak class that year.

Just a reminder, the jordoncooper.com football fantasy league has a couple of spots left.  The ID # is 441945 is and the password is stevedeberg.  The fact that I chose Steve DeBerg as the password doesn’t mean anything folks, absolutely nothing.  Sadly the league has Wendy in it.  Sad for me as the last three drafts we have been in, she has beaten me soundly.  Including the biggest disgrace in the Cooper family history, the hockey pool she almost won where she picked her team depending on how cute the name was.  She finished in the top 100, I didn’t finish in the top 5000.