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Not a lot of franchise quarterbacks on this list

Here’s the updated free-agent list at QBs with Tarvaris Jackson off the board 

Joe Flacco/BAL/UFA 

No chance he hits the free market.

Brian Hoyer/ARI/UFA 

His claim to fame is that he backed up Tom Brady.  Played a bit in Arizona.  Like all quarterbacks in Arizona he underwhelmed.

Matt Moore/MIA/UFA 
There could be some teams interested in Moore.  Norv Turner was a fan of Moore’s and wanted him in San Diego.  He would be an upgrade in Cleveland.  There is also noise that he is very popular in Miami and they want him to return as a backup.

Chase Daniel/NOR UFA 
Yeah… he was fun in college but has no chance of a pro career.  A third stringer at best.

Brady Quinn/KAN UFA 
I love Brady Quinn but only because I have memories of him at Notre Dame and one good game in Cleveland.  Not only is he a mediocre backup QB at best, his comments suggest he isn’t a great locker room guy.  He seems to have a sense of entitlement about playing quarterback in the NFL

Matt Leinart/OAK UFA 
Which CFL team will he sign with?

Tyler Thigpen/BUF UFA 
Probably is out of the league.

Derek Anderson/CAR UFA 
I can’t believe that he is even a consideration.  What is he doing in the league?  He had one good season and the rest were atrocious.

Jason Campbell/CHI UFA 
An interesting choice.  He has started and played well before.  To be honest Oakland played better with him as starting QB than they have with Carson Palmer.

Byron Leftwich/PIT UFA 
Outside of Pittsburgh, he has no market value.

Rex Grossman/WAS UFA 
Bad Rex, bad Rex.  Would you feel secure if your team signed Rex even to a third string contract?

Josh McCown/CHI UFA 
Still in the league?

Kellen Clemens/STL UFA 
Backup and nothing else.

David Carr/NYG UFA 
His career hasn’t quite turned out as well as we had hoped.

Josh Johnson/CLE UFA 

Bruce Gradkowski/CIN UFA 

Drew Stanton/IND UFA 
Maybe try baseball again.

Charlie Batch/PIT UFA 
Your drafting caused Barry Sanders to retire.  You should be punished in some way for that.

Luke McCown/ATL UFA 
Backup and nothing more.

Jordan Palmer/JAC UFA

UFL bound.  What? The UFL doesn’t exist anymore?  Well he is still UFL bound.

Expect to see Tebow on this list once he is cut by the New York Jets.  I expect him to sign with ESPN to cover college football.  If I was a GM in need of QB, I would be calling San Francisco hourly about Alex Smith or New England about Ryan Mallet.

What’s wrong with Jay Cutler?

Denver Broncos QB Jay Cutler

Shutdown Corner has a post on what is going on with the Denver Broncos and their Pro-Bowl Quarterback, Jay Cutler.  They quote Peter King in his Monday Morning Quarterback column. Quoth Peter:

I heard one other interesting thing Sunday: Cutler asked for a trade shortly after the Broncos lost offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates — Cutler’s confidant — to USC after the season. So maybe both sides need to go into marriage counseling here.

For the record, McDaniels says he never wanted to trade Cutler to begin with, though he’d have to say that, right? Again from the Denver Post:

"We’ve received trade calls on a number of players, which is not uncommon this time of the year. I also think the sensitivity of the other trade that was occurring, with my relationship with New England and the whole Cassel thing, I think that stirred the pot even more."

And then McDaniels made a point of emphasis: "We don’t want to trade Jay. We never did. He’s our quarterback. We’re excited about this season. And excited about what we’re doing here in free agency to improve our team."

Another possibility is that names get leaked all of the time to the media just to rattle team chemistry (see what Minnesota Vikings did last year with Brett Favre).  At the same time Cutler needs to make nice with McDaniels and prove to the new coach that he can be the man in Denver.  He needs to remember that despite his high powered offense, there were some games that the offense was not a factor in the game and he lost them one or two games by himself, games that may have saved Mike Shanahan his job.

Finally, Jay has to realize that pro football is a business.  It’s what players say all of the time when they want their contract renegotiated and it is what they say when it is free agency.  What they need to learn is that it is business from the teams point of view as well.  If the Broncos think that someone else can do the job better, they go with them.  It happened to fellow 2006 draft class QB’s Vince Young (who was a Pro Bowl QB as well) and Matt Leinart last season and it will happen to some other player who feels he is the “face of the franchise” this year.  It’s not just a business but a brutal one at that.