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The new MacBook Pro

Apple Macbook Pro

On Thursday, my new MacBook arrived, ending 20 consecutive years of being a PC guy.  

My first computer was a PC XT running DOS 5.0 at 10mhz with a 30 megabyte hard drive that was “doubled” with Stacker 3.0 all the way up to 52 megabytes.  The best piece of software on it was a program called DOS Master which was a shell that had a Tetris game hidden inside it.  My main app was Varsity Scripsit which was made by Tandy and was a surprisingly powerful and usable bit of word-processing software.

After I took it out of the box and upgraded to Mountain Lion, I started to install some apps like Page, Keynote, and Numbers.  I am trying out Mars Edit which I’ll be honest, isn’t as good as the Free Windows Essentials Writer and I have to pay $30 for it.  I will try out Ecto out as well but I don’t have high hopes.  The biggest thing that drives me crazy about Mars Edit is that it doesn’t do a good job handling images.  Windows Essentials Writer allows you to easily crap and put cushions around photos and Mars Edit does none of that which is too bad.  That being said it is easy to post with it so I am sure I will get used to it.