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It literally can’t get any worse

I don’t blog much about work but I thought you would like this.

My boss is a genuine long term New England Patriots fan.  His wife is a Pittsburgh Steelers fan who hates the Patriots.  I think that is awesome.   They are genuine fans.  I don’t know how their marriage survived some of those playoff games.

A sad Tom  BradySo being a Broncos fan, you know how classy and graceful I would have been when the Broncos beat the Tom Brady led Patriots twice and won the Super Bowl.  Well I may have posted a photo of Tom Brady sitting on the turf near tears on the bulletin board.  Just like that one to the left.  See I can’t even help myself now.  It wasn’t always classy.  As a true fan, he accepted the mockery that his team was beaten by a team with a noodle armed QB.

Then this came out.  The Broncos have the worst QB situation in the NFL.

The Broncos have the worst QB situation in the NFL.

That Sanchez may actually lose a training camp battle to Trevor Siemian tells you everything you need to know about his ability. The Broncos will not ask much from whomever they elect to start come Week 1: Just don’t turn the ball over too much and complete some simple play-action passes. But even that may be too much for Sanchez, who, even at an advanced age, is just a mess in the pocket, melting down at the first sign of pressure. And, unlike his predecessor Peyton Manning, Sanchez offers very little in the way of pre-snap adjustments.

When Denver signed him, friends phoned up and were like, “How are you and Mark handling this?”  It was like this was sports news that was sooooo bad, it actually provoked some people I know to think, “I should phone up Jordon to see how he is handling this.”

Then you read the rest of the reviews and it’s like Mark Sanchez stole the writers girlfriend while at USC, they are all pretty fair.  Sanchez is just that bad. 

Guess who is number 1?  Yeah, some dude from New England.

I read this and thought, “It’s going to be a long season at work.”  Note that I said it wasn’t going to be a long day or week but a long NFL season at work.

I was left with a ethical work related dilemma.  Do I show Glen this or just pretend it didn’t happen ignore the reality that Mark Sanchez is the Broncos QB.  Maybe he wouldn’t realize how bad Mark Sanchez was.  Yeah right.  That whole AFC East thing.

When I showed the article to Mark, who is also a Broncos fan, he goes, “Bad couple of months at work ahead.”

So I emailed my boss with the subject like, “I’ll just get this out there” and sent him the link.  He didn’t even read the entire list.  Seeing the Broncos at the bottom of the QB pile was enough joy for him.   If I was him, I would have just read it slowly and savored the list of horrible QBs that were listed as better than Mark Sanchez.

As Mark and I talked, we realized that there is only one way to get through this.  That is go online and purchase this life sized replica of the Vince Lombardi Trophy and carry it around work wherever I go.  If I am writing, I have it beside me.  If I am in a meeting, it’s there with me as well.  I even take it to the washroom or for lunch.  Then whenever I am mocked for whatever Sanchez has buttfumbled this week, I say, “I’m sorry, I am just admiring my teams Super Bowl 50 trophy” and move on to the next topic.

Replica Super Bowl 50 Trophy

Wendy wasn’t enthused at me spending almost $600 on this so it looks like a long season of mocking is ahead.  Mark Sanchez, it literally can’t get any worse.

Update: Here is some feedback from friends.

  • Dominant defenses generally slip the next season.  There is little chance that Mark Sanchez could become Trent Dilfer.  Partly because no one thinks that Sanchez is even as good as Trent Dilfer.
  • There is some hope that Paxton Lynch could become a great QB but this year?  It’s unlikely that he becomes the next Ben Roeslisberger and ride a dominant defense and running game to a 15-1 record.  Also, that ended with a loss to the Tom Brady lead Patriots.
  • My favorite comment was “even if you do buy the trophy, Sanchez would just fumble it”.
  • Some Detroit Lions fans out there have told me that if they could win the Super Bowl, they would take Mark Sanchez and all of the mocking from Patriots fans in the world.  So context is everything. 
  • I actually hoped the Broncos were able to draft Sanchez out of USC back in the Josh McDaniels era.  Instead they drafted Tim Tebow.  At least Sanchez is still back in the league.  Well maybe that isn’t a good thing.

Now I will honor the Rules for being a Sports Fan.  If there is anything left sacred in the world of sports, it is these rules.  The main one is that I can’t complain for five years since the Broncos won a championship.  So no Mark Sanchez complaining from me.  None at all.

Geno Smith’s miserable task in New York

Jason Cole thinks that Geno Smith is ill suited for the scrutiny that comes with playing in New York

So the question becomes whether Smith understands his own emotions. Sure, he’s just a young man dealing with a bad moment, but the life of a quarterback is filled with plenty of bad as you try to get to the good.

“That’s the NFL and that’s the position of quarterback … I’ve played this position all my life, and I understand that it comes with the territory, and I’m prepared for it,” Smith said.
Fact is, Thursday was still a special day. It was his mother’s birthday, but the event was tinged with frustration as Smith went all night without his name being called.

Whether Smith uses that as motivation remains to be seen. Whether he can handle the inevitable criticism that goes with playing in New York is an even bigger issue.

The bigger issue for me is that New York doesn’t have much for receivers, running backs, or an offensive line.

Wide Receiver/Tight End: Santonio Holmes was out for almost the entire season and Dustin Keller was in and out of the lineup with injuries all year, leaving Sanchez and McElroy to throw to a motley crew of receivers. Jeremy Kerley is a useful slot piece and the Jets hope Stephen Hill will blossom, but Keller’s gone and Holmes’ status will be uncertain until he proves he can get back to previous levels. Tight end is barren, but the Jets need to find guys who can make plays at both spots and they probably can’t stop at one.

Offensive line: It’s hard to ground and pound when your offensive line doesn’t do much pounding. The Jets have lost both of their starting guards and Austin Howard wasn’t up to the task at right tackle, leaving the Jets with plenty of room to improve. Willie Colon will fill one of those spots, but the Jets still need to add younger players and increase the overall talent level of a group that fell off in 2012.

Oh yeah, the head coach is a lame duck and the defence has fallen off.  At the least the word on the street is Mark Sanchez is going to be cut.  What a brutal situation but let’s be honest, it is always that way for the Jets.

The Hot Dog Stand That Wendy Won’t Let Me Have

Hot Dog StandI have been trying to convince Wendy earlier this summer that I should be allowed to get a full sized hot dog stand for around the house and even at work.

I believe Wendy’s objection was, “What would you possibly do with a hot dog stand at work?”.  Well Wendy, I have an answer for you: I would been able to hang out with New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez as he scarfed down a couple while in the neighborhood.  Now the cool thing is that I wouldn’t even be out any hot dogs if he came by as he purchased 500 hot dogs and 500 hamburgers along with buns for a New York soup kitchen.

The funny thing is that he apologized because people thought he was being disrespectful to the Oakland Raiders.  First of all, the Jets were up 38-0 at the time and if anyone owes someone an apology, it is the Oakland Raiders and they need to apologize for masquerading as a NFL team.

Back to the hot dog cart.  They sell them at Home Outfitters and I am wondering how many of these they sell in Saskatoon because how big could the home hot dog cart market really be?  Well all I know is that it one less then it could have been because Wendy never caught the vision of hotdogs 24.7.365 at our house.