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The hypocrisy of the 96 team NCAA basketball tournament

As Yahoo! Sports says

NCAA BasketballRather than lengthening the tournament a week and risk hurting TV ratings by having the Final Four go head-to-head against the Masters, the NCAA instead intends to cram an extra round of basketball into the usual three-week time span. Under that plan, 64 teams would play the round of 96 on the Thursday and Friday of Week 1 and the 32 winners would face the 32 first-round bye recipients on Saturday and Sunday. Then after a one-day respite on Monday, the 32 remaining teams would play on Tuesday and Wednesday to whittle the survivors down to our familiar Sweet 16, which would start on Thursday of Week 2 as it always has.

As they conclude

But if the NCAA is going to shove this 96-team tournament down our throats, the least it could do is acknowledge why it’s doing it.

Admit that this has nothing to do with creating more opportunities for more teams or a better tournament for the fans and everything to do with the added TV revenue that an expanded field will generate. And, lastly, admit this money grab is coming at the expense of the "student athlete." 

I never understand the NCAA.  They won’t fix the problems with the BCS which everyone complains about and yet they remake March Madness which no one is calling for.  It would also mean the end of the NIT as those teams would all be in the NCAAs which gives you an idea of how much the talent would be deluded.