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Mountain biking is for illiterate losers

The other night while in London Drugs, I tried to find a copy of Mountain Bike Action.  No luck, just road racing magazines.  Today at Indigo, there were rugby magazines, lacrosse magazines, bass fishing magazines but not a single mountain biking magazine.  I was about to give up but then at McNally Robinson had a bunch of them, including Mountain Bike Action.  Has mountain biking fallen so far out of the mainstream that you have to purchase their magazines at independent booksellers or am I missing something here?  How can road biking magazines be so much more popular when you see 10 times more mountain bikes in Saskatoon than road bikes (which is odd in itself considering we live in the middle of the prairies).

On a related subject, while we were out, Mark graduated from the kids section at Indigo to the Young Teens section and came home with his first Star Wars novel.  No more Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Captain Underpants for him.  While this is a good thing I can’t help but feel a little sad he is growing up.  At least he wasn’t pestering me to buy him Business Week or the Wall Street Journal.