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John Stackhouse Critiques Chris Tomlin’s “writing”

His critique made me laugh out loud today

I don’t know Chris Tomlin personally. I expect he’s a nice man and a devoted Christian. So please be clear that I’m not attacking his sincerity or his love of Jesus or anything else I can’t possibly judge.

What the evidence shows, however, is that he is a bad lyricist.

The man either doesn’t care about rhyming and settles for the merest assonance, or he lacks the skill or patience to actually craft rhymes. And rhyming is a pretty basic part of the pop genre in which he writes, not some exotic quality of songwriting I am unreasonably demanding of him. He also has no strong grasp of Scripture and particularly of the metaphors and allusions he uses.

My suspicion, in fact, is that these songs “come to him” and he then records them with little or no alteration. Surely he can’t be crafting them with the diligence of a serious poet. For if these are the best he can do after working and reworking them, he simply needs to get someone else to write the words. They’re just that bad.