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My Top 10 favorite blogs of 2008

In no particular order

  • Warren Kinsella :: I don’t know if I should be linking to his blog or the great W@AL segments on YouTube but I have enjoyed another year of his partisan posts, late night KFC confessions, and exclusive interviews with the next leader of the Liberal Party, Bart the Fish.
  • CalgaryGrit | Daveberta :: I wish more political blogs were as fun to read as these two Grit blogs with Alberta roots.  Plus, how many of you in the last couple of years have managed to get under the skin of the Premier of Alberta.
  • Materialicious :: A recent move to Typepad busted a lot of my links to them but it still is a great weblog bringing lots of daily inspiration to both Wendy and myself.  As crazy as it sounds, I don’t think we would have bought our cabin this summer if matericious hadn’t inspired me to look for a cabin.
  • Awesome Internet Site :: A blog by Dave Blondel, it is just about as random as jordoncooper.com.
  • Bow, James Bow :: I am not a big fan of all of the SEO wizardry stuff out there online who promise big traffic from gimmicks and fooling search engines.  I keep telling people that if you write well, people will find your blog and will come back often.  That’s the truth about James Bow’s blog.  He writes well and I come back daily.
  • The Big Picture :: Not only do I love this site but my staff loves it as well.  When they have a new post, I generally hear about it from someone I work with before I get a chance to see it myself. 
  • Steve Taylor :: As I find myself further and further drifting away from the emerging church discussion, Steve Taylor’s theological creativity excites me and draws me back into it.
  • Scott Williams :: Scott’s restaurant gets in the way of his blogging but he has been on a roll in 2008 writing several excellent posts.
  • OneHouse :: I read OneHouse as a reminder that there is a better way to live and I don’t always take the time to live it.  In a year where I constantly felt off balance, rushed, and under way too much stress, it called me back to a life that makes a bit more sense.
  • Bill Kinnon :: Bill’s weblog is another blog I have come to appreciate more and more in 2008 because I find he expands my thinking on the Gospel and culture.  It may be because he isn’t employed by a church but also because he just may be right.

Honorable mentions (because I had to limit the list to 10): Mighty Goods, Dooce, Jonny Baker, Andrew Jones, Jason Kottke, Darryl Dash, Sportsfilter, The Morning News

10 Best Free Windows Downloads of 2008

  1. PDF to Word :: It does what it says, it takes a PDF and saves it as a Word document.
  2. Dropbox :: Freeware application and web service Dropbox instantaneously backs up and syncs your files over the internet and to any computer. After you install the application, it will create a Dropbox folder on your hard drive. Any file you put inside that folder will automatically be synced and monitored for changes, and each time a change is saved, it backs up and syncs the file again. Even better, Dropbox does revision history, so if you accidentally saved a file and wanted to revert to an old version or deleted a file, Dropbox can recover any previous version.
  3. Sharepod :: Free yourself from iTunes with Sharepod
  4. Mojo :: Share any song in your iTunes library and download any song from your friends’ iTunes libraries over the internet with freeware application Mojo.
  5. OpenOffice 3.0 :: This is the suite that finally took Microsoft Office off my computers and relegated it to the shelf with Quattro Pro for DOS and Harvard Graphics.  Lifehacker gives it a full review
  6. Picasa :: I took 5000 digital photos in 2008 and Picasa organized, processed, and backed up all of them.
  7. I know this isn’t a Windows app but gOS is a lightweight Linux OS that is similar to the OS’s on a lot of netbooks.
  8. Audaciousness :: This sound-production tool manipulates digital recordings of your voice to create a final result that sounds just like the pop singers you hear on the radio and MTV. Put your digital recording through the Cher vocoder treatment, the Rihanna echo effect, or the NIN grinder. It’s rumored to supposedly have been used by top pop stars like Britney Spears, John Mayer, and Ashlee Simpson.  Yeah it costs $2500 but there is a trial version and you too can sound better than Jessica Simpson with some simple technological enhancements.
  9. A full WYSIWYG Web-page authoring tool akin to Dreamweaver, KompoZer integrates an FTP site manager for file uploads.  It’s good for a quick change to a website or even as a small website manager.  It’s free, small, and has saved me a couple of times when I needed a quick fix.
  10. Windows Live Writer :: It’s free, getting better, and has all of the features you need to easily write and format a decent blog post.

Best Contextless Links of 2008

Here is my list of the best links that I linked to in 2008.  Every day until January 1st, 2009, jordoncooper.com will be featuring a new list as we take 2008 out to the curb.  So here is my 50 favorite thinks I linked to in 2008.

  1. The Tragedy of Tony Blair :: This comes from 2004 but with the The Atlantic unlocking their archives, I thought I would finally link to it.
  2. So how do they fix the Leafs?  James Mirtle answers on his own blog and exposes how incredibly dysfunctional MLSE really is.  Elliotte Friedman also offers this up on the messed up ownership structure of MLSE.  The question for 2009 is, can Brian Burke survive in this kind of soap opera.
  3. You are what you read and here is Adolf Hiter’s forgotten library
  4. What to try Ubuntu but don’t want to dedicate a computer for it? Try Wubi which installs Ubuntu as a Windows application.
  5. 1960’s Braun design ideas inspiration for Apple products?
  6. While the rest of us lost our retirement funds, Goldman Sachs has been making money hand over fist during the subprime meltdown.  So how did they do it while the rest of the world is losing all sorts of money?  Michael Lewis tells us Goldman went against the flow in shorting sub-prime mortgages by assuming that the entire rest of the industry, including their own expert and extremely well-paid traders, were as Lewis puts it, “a bunch of idiots”.
  7. The Tragedy of Tony Blair :: This comes from 2004 but with the The Atlantic unlocking their archives, I thought I would finally link to it.
  8. How the United States will contain China and if that doesn’t work, how would the United States fight a war with China.
  9. Fast Company’s Most Innovative People of 2007
  10. Death’s Army :: Harvard’s president writes on the 620,000 American deaths in the Civil War :: Americans had never endured anything like the losses they suffered between 1861 and 1865 and have experienced nothing like them since. Two percent of the UnitedStates population died in uniform — 620,000 men, North and South, roughly the same number as those lost in all of America’s other wars from the Revolution through Korea combined. The equivalent toll today would be six million.
  11. Here are 23 odd rules about the game of baseball.
  12. An interesting profile on Warren Buffet from 2004
  13. Why is your plane late? A long but interesting article on how and why your plane is late.
  14. New Jersey Institute of Technology completes perfect NCAA Division I basketball season :: Apparently someone thought that having the worst basketball team in history of Division I basketball would help enrollment. The Highlanders were also the only Division I team this season with more turnovers (577) than field goals (550).
  15. NFL Combine meat market a little disturbing
  16. Interesting comment on Metafilter on day labour conditions in parts of the United States
  17. Down and out at Heathrow Airport
  18. Two of Saskatoon’s city councilors think that at risk youth should not be kept in nicer neighborhoods.
  19. Thomas Homer-Dixon has this graphic of years of sea ice just melting into the Arctic Ocean over just six months.
  20. Michael Pollan wonders why bother to care about climate change?
  21. Saskatoon registry of places with bed bugs
  22. Mark learning to skimboard
  23. Worst Album Covers of All Time
  24. Good story about Dale Jr.’s relationship with his dad in ESPN Magazine.
  25. So is college for everyone?  A professor at a small community college argues that not everyone will make it and wonders why everyone needs a college education.
  26. Thomas Friedman has an amazing column in the New York Times today about America being in decline.
  27. Alan Hirsch is challenging the idea that missional is about to join emergent and other catch phrases on the scrap heap of word that the church has changed into buzzwords.
  28. The European Man Bag in Concert
  29. The Toronto Star has a long article about why we care less about Father’s Day then Mother’s Day.
  30. How many more American bridges have to collapse before they get fixed?  "At some point, relying on miracles is not going to be the best way to manage our system," said Pete Rahn, the transportation commissioner of Missouri. "I would pray we don’t have to have another disaster to bring about the right attention to this. I see very little political will there."
  31. The UN’s war on a/c
  32. The goal of the IOC was to bring openess to China but in the end, China’s censorship culture changed the IOC
  33. An odd article from the New York Times about how odd parents act with their kids going to camp.
  34. Peak Oil and Peak Rock connected?
  35. How the Conservatives defined Stephane Dion
  36. What happened to the Liberals in “Fortress Ontario”? :: So strong was the Liberal hold on power that some politicians and academics argued it could only be broken by a proportional voting system to replace the "first-past-the-post" system that had been in place since Confederation. There was talk of Gritlock, Liberal hegemony and the perils of a one-party state.
  37. Michael Lewis on the sub-prime mortgage crisis
  38. How Sweden Solved Their Banking Crisis
  39. The new Pepsi logo and I was thinking how many times they have come out with a new logo or new cans since I have been alive versus how many times Coke has changed their logo.  I think it comes from the fact that they seem to be perpetually in second place.
  40. The Twelve Greatest Defunct Tech Magazines Ever
  41. Back to Buying Bit by Bit
  42. Lifehacker Top 10: Top 10 Underhyped Webapps
  43. Feature: Top 10 Ways to Trick Out Your Desktop
  44. Velociraptor was just a scary turkey, say scientists: I hate big scary birds more than I hate big killer dinosaurs
  45. $3.9 Trillion Was a Drop in the Bucket It’s actually over $8 trillion in outlays due to the recession according to the Motley Fool.
  46. Harper flip-flops on running a deficit Don Newman takes it to Prime Minister Harper, "it is hard to reconcile the optics of a Conservative government led by a trained economist having been caught so utterly unprepared for this upheaval. It’s a legitimate question how Harper could’ve firmly embraced those positions only six weeks ago and not had an inkling that he was being naive at best or deceptive at worst."
  47. Vince Young Has Gone From Stardom to the Shadows  Has a star ever fallen so far, so fast. Well actually there was this Michael Vick guy once…
  48. One Family’s Struggle to Pay Their Mortgage
  49. Auto bailout: $15 billion, even $34 billion, isn’t the end
  50. The Onion: Area Woman Becomes Republican Vice Presidential Candidate