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My new job

Statue of Ronald ReaganFor those of you who haven’t heard, I am quitting my job at the Salvation Army Community Services, quitting my column at The StarPhoenix and pursuing something really important in life*.  My divine calling is not to help the homeless and the oppressed or talk about urban and geo-political and economic issues in The StarPhoenix; it is this.  My new goal in life is to put a statue of Ronald Reagan in every county in the United States and establish February 6th as Ronald Reagan Day which will hopefully become a national holiday.  Once I am done that, my goal is to move north of Canada and have a statue of Saskatchewan MP Len Blork put in every riding in Western Canada.  The question is where do I put the statue in Saskatoon.  Beside Ghandi or Gordie Howe?


* I’m joking.