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Flushing as we speak

I live in an older home and have worked hard at making it environmentally friendly.  I use low flow shower heads, I mulch to keep my lawn watering down.  When I do water, I do it in the early morning or late at night to avoid evaporation.  I have bought into the message of conserving water despite living on a river.

I was distressed to hear a couple of months ago that houses in my neighborhood had a higher than allowed amount of lead in our drinking water.  The city’s solution to get the lead out?

The homes had lead levels in their water higher than those recommended by Health Canada and the levels stayed high even after several minutes of running the water.

The city retested the homes and the new results, recently released, suggest the homeowners probably didn’t do the original tests properly, City of Saskatoon environmental services manager Sheri Praski said.

"We went back and had our lab technicians actually resample those homes, and what we found is nine out of the 10 had passed by five minutes of flushing," she said.

The one home that didn’t pass has an exceptionally long service line and for that one, extra flushing time will be required, Praski said.

The city is recommending that some 6,700 homeowners with lead service connections or lead pipe flush their water for several minutes before drinking.

Some homes built before 1949 had lead pipes and service connections, according to the city.

So in other words my efforts to save water around here are all in vain because just to have a drink of water, have a pot of coffee, or even to do some cooking, the city wants us to run my taps for several minutes to get the lead out.  On top of that I get to be charged for that wasted water.  Personally I would rather pay an infrastructure improvement levy and know my water is safe than have to do this.  If only there was some sort of stimulus package for infrastructure that the city could tap into.