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Take a hike

My leg has been messed up since November of 2014 and I have been told be stay off it.  I did my best and a couple of weeks ago it was healed up enough that I could start to walk on it.  Unfortunately I have been as active as a panda bear during the summer months (hilarious story about that, when the pandas were at the Calgary Zoo, we drove out as a family, stood in a long line, saw the panda just lay in a tree and do nothing.  It could have been a stuffed animal.)

So for all of the advantages of living in a neighborhood where you work is a great and all but my work place is 8 kilometers away from home.  So to make a long story short, Wendy has been driving me to work in the morning and I have been walking the 8 kilometers home.

So far it has been going well.  I got into a yelling match with a goose in Kinsmen Park but he was totally in the wrong.  Yesterday Wendy dropped Mark off at my work and then parked at 33rd Street bridge and then walked to Place Riel where we met up.  Oliver and Marley slowed the pace down considerably as we stopped at the ski jumps.

University of Saskatchewan Ski Jump

University of Saskatchewan Ski Jump

University of Saskatchewan Ski Jump

University of Saskatchewan Ski Jump

There is a beaver lodge at the bottom of the hill so Oliver, Mark, and Marley explored that while Wendy and I sauntered the other way.

On the way over, Marley encountered a train while crossing the CP Rail Bridge.  She was not happy about going across that again but she did and was okay.

So the good news is that it isn’t that bad of walk.  The bad news is that it is an incredibly boring walk, podcasts or not. 

It’s still theft, even when the City of Saskatoon does it

I was researching something for a future column today and I went looking for a RFP regarding Kinsmen Park.  As I opened the PDF, I was impressed with the photo that made up the front cover of it.

Kinsmen Park & Area Master Plan RFP

  The reason I was impressed with the photograph is that it has been a long time favorite photo…. ever since I took it back in 2003.

The photo of a balloon that the City of Saskatoon "borrowed"

The photo is licenced under a Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike Creative Commons License.  The last time I checked, a RFP for the City of Saskatoon is a commercial endeavour and there was no attribution.  Some of the other photos used in the RFP were flat out copyrighted.

Now if I had been asked, I would have given the City permission.  I get between 30 and 50 requests to use my photos a year from everyone from the British Columbia government, a band in Japan, the Department of National Defense, to the Government of Canada’s Tourism Commission and I say yes to all of them.   Today I don’t feel so charitable, especially when I when I see that the RFP was actually sponsored and paid for by PotashCorp and apparently subsidized by a stolen image of mine.