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Back to Football

Mark is trying out for Bedford Road’s senior football team this year.  After playing every position on the defense last year, he decided to test himself against some older and stronger players.  If he makes the team great, if not he will have tried and gotten some work in than if he had just played junior football.

Since practices start on Monday, it meant that we had to get him some gear this weekend.  His cleats and gloves fit but we ran out after work to get him some shorts and some stay dry shirts.  While we were at it, we picked up some cross trainers.  All this so he can increase his chance of long term brain injury by playing football or developing cancer by playing football on the shredded toxic waste we call SMF Field

Of course Oliver was in a bad mood over this.  Despite only going into grade two, he can’t figure out why he can’t play tackle football yet.  Apparently all other sports suck and aren’t worth his time.  He has some time to wait until Grade 6 when Kinsmen Football starts.  He isn’t impressed.  He’ll be even less impressed when Mark takes off to play football.


I haven’t been posting much here about what’s going around the house but Wendy has a couple of posts about Mark.  The big news with Mark is that he is playing pee wee football for the Babineau Warriors in the Kinsmen Football League.  In real terms it means that instead of coming home from work, I now spend from 5:00 p.m. to 7:45 p.m. at Dr. Seager Wheeler Park watching him practice with Oliver

He initially wanted to play defence but he landed at slotback and is one of the starters.  It doesn’t mean he is the next Andy Fantuz but he is getting better.  I like to leave the house by 4:30 so I can toss him some passes before practice starts.  I don’t know how much it is helping him but my arm and accuracy has improved to the point where I am almost as good as their quarterback.  He still has crocodile arms (it’s genetic and the reason why I only lasted one play as a tight end before moving to defense) and blocks like a sissy but hey, he’s a receiver.  Once the practice starts it is back to my chair and I toss a Nerf ball to Oliver until he gets bored and decided to look for bugs to squash.  I hear Joe Montana was the same way when he was three.