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Prince Charles feels overshadowed

First by Diana and now by William and Kate.  Your Royal Highness, maybe it’s just you.

Royal author Phil Dampier said: “Charles felt overshadowed by Diana and now it seems he feels overshadowed by their son. Some people may think he is jealous. I have always felt that as soon as William got married, Charles would feel sidelined.

“From that moment people would be less interested in what he has to say on issues such as the environment and architecture if, on the same day, Kate is wearing a new dress.”

Kate dominated the headlines with up to five outfit changes a day, including casual jeans and a stetson at a rodeo in Calgary.

Mr Dampier added: “When Charles and Camilla visited ­Canada two years ago they were greeted by relatively small crowds. They are in their 60s and are not what you would call glamorous.