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The Cooper 500

A couple of weeks ago Mark and Wendy started to chirp over who was the best driver.  Since Mark was 9, it is all speculation on his part but I suggested that they settle their differences on the track.  On Thursday we wandered down to KartTrak Go-Karts to see who was faster.

 The Cooper 500 The Cooper 500 The Cooper 500 The racers getting last minute instructions from their pit crew.
The Cooper 500 Wendy passing Mark.
The Cooper 500 Mark thinks he is Michael Jordan with his tongue hanging out there. 
The Cooper 500The Cooper 500

Mark in the pits after the race.

As you can see by the video, Mark raced Wendy pretty tough.  Wendy wasn’t really willing to dive inside and spin him out but he kept her from passing him which drove her crazy.  The other car out there was one of the employees goofing off.

While a few other race tracks have come and go in Saskatoon, this one has kept going strong and it is a fun summer ritual for many of us in the city.

Here is the whole photoset on Flickr.