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Nenshi on backbench MPs

This is a great response to the election of Joan Crockatt

“I mean, whatever. Not like backbench MPs have any ability to do anything. She’s very nice, she’s shown up at a lot of events [and is] certainly more present after the election than during the election, which is interesting. Most candidates are not like that… Have we seen any real difference in how the federal government treats the city of Calgary now that we’ve returned another Conservative MP? Not yet.

You would be amazed at the amount of non-profits who tell me that their project is making progress because a backbench MP likes what they are doing.  I hate telling that the opinion of a backbench MP has no influence at all on party policy as they are not part of the government.  Cabinet ministers and their staff are the only opinions that matter and that is what Nenshi is getting at.  Today, MPs exist to run to get Diet Coke while the important decisions are made and then sell those decisions to their constituents.

No, no, no, no. Heck no.

This is from the Globe and Mail on how the Coservative nominee in Calgary Centre sees her job.

Duane Bratt, a political scientist at Mount Royal University, said there’s only a “pretty minute” chance Ms. Crockatt will lose: “The question shouldn’t be is she going to win, it’s what role is she going to play.”

Mr. Harper already has a caucus filled with Tories from Calgary.

“If I’m a backbench MP, I’m just fine doing that,” Ms. Crockatt said. “To me, the job is to support the Prime Minister in whatever way that he thinks.”

No Joan Crockatt, that is not your job. Your job is represent the fine constituents in Calgary Centre, not be a mouthpiece for the PMO. You are to do what you are elected to and that is to be a parliamentarian and do your best to protect and advance the interests of those that elected you while being a steward for the country. To do anything else is to abdicate your responsibilities as a MP (something that many have done under the current regime).

We do not send MPs to Ottawa as cheerleaders for the Prime Minister and cabinet, we send them to represent us and MPs need to start taking this seriously.