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What the white church needs to learn from the black church

Jim Henderson has a great post on what the black church has that the white church needs.

The White church is slowly being pushed toward the margins of a culture it once dominated.

  • Cell phone towers are replacing church steeples as key geographic (and cultural) markers
  • For all its political effort, the religious right has come up largely empty handed
  • The fastest growing faith segment in America is the “nones” those who claim no religion

The Good News: The Black church has been operating from the margins from its inception

  • They’ve never had power or influence over the majority culture
  • They’ve always had to do more with less
  • They have experience with being ignored
  • They’ve developed practical gospel that brings heaven to humans (as well as humans to heaven)
  • They produced the most significant Christian leader of the 20th Century Martin Luther King Jr.

The Bad News: We’ve rarely asked them for help

  • We have largely ignored their accomplishments
  • We have been suspicious of their version of the gospel

The Best News: If we ask, they’re willing to help us

  • Create a more practical gospel
  • Become more about others and less about ourselves

Make sure you read the entire post.