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Best sports quote of 2013

From the Associated Press

It was a product of dramatic, side-by-side racing with the new Gen-6 car that Bowyer credits with creating “more of what we love about NASCAR.”

And if tempers flare sometimes, so be it. Bowyer doesn’t think it’s gotten to the point where change is needed.

“We haven’t reached that,” he said during a trip promoting next month’s Talladega race weekend. “Obviously Denny got hurt, but that wasn’t an intentional crash. We’ve all seen intentional crashes. Jeff Gordon was an intentional crash. Now, if I would have crawled out of that thing or got helicoptered out of that situation, it would have been a game-changer, because that was an intentional crash and if it would have hurt me the repercussions would have been bad.

“What I saw was good racing in California, and that’s healthy. It’s side-by-side racing and oh by the way they were going for the win. You can’t ask for a better situation on a two-mile race track than to be coming off of four with three cars going for the win. And if they can have that on a two-mile race track, what’s Martinsville going to be like this weekend? Look out.”

Bowyer jokes about last year’s incident, which he calls “just one of those deals.”

“We’re not the smartest people in the world,” he said. “We go down the straightaway and turn left. That’s literally what we do.”

Bandwagon Jumping

Dale Jr. #88 Amp Energy Car I was shopping with Mark today and we were in a sports collectible place.   He saw some NASCAR replica cars and asked me if I liked the #24 (Jeff Gordon) car.  I told him yeah but I am a #88 (Dale Jr.) fan.  Mark goes, “I think you should change to #24”.  I told him that the reason I watch NASCAR with him is that he bought me a Dale Jr. watch last year and that was his favorite driver.

Mark’s reply cracked me up.  “Yeah but he isn’t that good this year and I don’t think we should be cheering for a loser.  Dad, it’s time to move on and pick a different car. #24 is the way to go.”