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Charest’s second salary

Quebec Premier Hon. Jean Charest There is an article in the Montreal Gazette over the Premier Jean Charest’s second salary of $75,000 by the Quebec Liberal Party.  I am not going to pass judgment on it but I do have a quick question.  Aren’t many party leaders paid salaries in addition to their jobs as MP/MLA and often times Leader of the Opposition.  I think I remember reading that John Turner was given extra money by the Liberals while he was in Opposition as was Brian Mulroney (and I think the Tories paid for some Mulroney expenses while he was Prime Minister).  Isn’t it kind of normal (or at least acceptable) that party leaders are paid a salary by the party, or does that stop when one is elected Premier/Prime Minister?

Does anyone know if other party leaders get a salary in today’s day and age?