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Jean Charest

The Best & Worst Political Strategies of 2012

I am really late on this one but it’s a great segment, including the world political strategists of 2012.

Charest’s second salary

Quebec Premier Hon. Jean Charest There is an article in the Montreal Gazette over the Premier Jean Charest’s second salary of $75,000 by the Quebec Liberal Party.  I am not going to pass judgment on it but I do have a quick question.  Aren’t many party leaders paid salaries in addition to their jobs as MP/MLA and often times Leader of the Opposition.  I think I remember reading that John Turner was given extra money by the Liberals while he was in Opposition as was Brian Mulroney (and I think the Tories paid for some Mulroney expenses while he was Prime Minister).  Isn’t it kind of normal (or at least acceptable) that party leaders are paid a salary by the party, or does that stop when one is elected Premier/Prime Minister?

Does anyone know if other party leaders get a salary in today’s day and age?