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Partisanship at it’s worst.

Some sane advice from the Calgary Herald who points out that railing about the Prime Minister’s use of a Government of Canada Challenger Jet.

All parties have been guilty of this and it is time to stop the partisan finger-pointing. Regardless of what party is in power, the prime minister should be allowed some perks. Harper flew to Boston on the private Challenger jet -for security, the RCMP insists that all prime ministers do so -along with his daughter Rachel and Heritage Minister James Moore, who is from B.C. Good for them.

U.S. presidents go to baseball games and play golf. JFK and Jackie sailed off Nantucket with their kids and nobody raised a fuss. Any leader, left, right, or centre, should be allowed a little leisure time. It’s a brutal job. Prime Ministers are on the job 24/7. Get over it.

Canadians have become so picayune it’s ridiculous. Harper was even criticized for attending the Winter Olympics in Vancouver. What nonsense.

The prime minister’s official residence at 24 Sussex Drive is crumbling and in need of $10 million in repairs. Just do it. We’ve spent more than $1 billion renovating the Parliament Buildings. Good. It’s time for Canadians to take some pride in their official buildings, and in their top elected positions, regardless of political stripe.

I have been on one of the Government of Canada’s private jets (some photos from the 2006 Canada Remembers Air Show) and it’s not exactly Air Force One.  It’s cramped and uncomfortable and to be honest, a first class flight on an Air Canada Airbus would be more comfortable but it’s done for security reasons but every time it happens, the opposition freaks out over the cost because (gasp) the Prime Minister is having a little fun. 

It’s the same way about 24 Sussex Drive.  It needs repairs but no one wants to be the one that says that we need to fix up the place.  As Harper said, “it’s good enough for me” because of the political attacks that would happen if he was the one that ordered the repairs so we let the official residence of the Prime Minister of Canada deteriorate a little further each year.