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Oliver has had the flu all week.  He recovered yesterday but I have it now.  Fever, funny nose, ear ache, and sore throat.  I am fine if I don’t swallow or move.  Earlier this week he would just sit motionless beside me.  Now I feel like he does.

I had some plans to go out tonight to a steak night.  Wendy and I bought some tickets but she had already booked off last night and couldn’t get tonight off.  Meanwhile I am at home tonight and watching the NASCAR – The IMAX Experience.  It’s a little Dale Earnhardt, Jr. heavy and Mark asked me, “Where’s your Dale Jr. watch?”  I replied, “The watch band is broken.”  Mark quipped, “That happens quite a bit for him doesn’t.  You should have gotten a Jeff Gordon watch.”  Of course Mark was the one that gave me the watch.  I feel like he set me up somehow.

Mystery of the Nile

Mystery of the Nile Mark and I watched the IMAX movie, Mystery of the Nile last night.  I never knew this but until 2004, no one had ever travelled the entire Blue Nile River from it’s source to the Mediterranean Sea.

It’s a journey that took 114 days and was done by a team of explorers and amateurs led by Pasquale Scaturro and Gordon Brown.  They faced rapids, bandits, Nile crocodiles, civil war in Sudan, and other seemingly insurmountable challenges as they make their way along all 3,260 miles of the river to become the first to complete a full descent of the Blue Nile.

It’s a great journey but after watching it, I was somewhat disappointed as I wanted more.  A two hour film was not enough time to show a 114 day, 3,260 mile journey.  They could have made an entire television series or a long mini-series just on their adventures with the Nile crocodiles and several episodes could have been dedicated to the people they met as the floated down the Nile River, their adventures with bandits, and even the background of the cultures they are engaged in. 

So for all of you filmakers out there, feel free to steal my idea and make this series.  I’ll be the first to purchase it.