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How many net votes did you win today?

I read a letter today written by a low level assistant to a M.L.A.  Over the phone he threatened a friend of mine, questioned her intelligence, and then in a letter lied about it to her employer because he disagreed with her decision (which only upset the employer).  About 20 people know about his actions and after hearing about the letter, it is only going to get worse.

Years ago I got to know the former cabinet minister Ray Meiklejohn.  In his constituency office on the wall of one of his staff was a photocopied sign, How Many Net Votes Did You Win Today?  It seems pretty obvious but not to everyone.  I am assuming after everything is said and done this guy will have lost his boss over 100 votes over 2 days.  Unless he has the political skills of James Carville, those kinds of holes take a while to dig your boss out of.