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The Hot Dog Stand That Wendy Won’t Let Me Have

Hot Dog StandI have been trying to convince Wendy earlier this summer that I should be allowed to get a full sized hot dog stand for around the house and even at work.

I believe Wendy’s objection was, “What would you possibly do with a hot dog stand at work?”.  Well Wendy, I have an answer for you: I would been able to hang out with New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez as he scarfed down a couple while in the neighborhood.  Now the cool thing is that I wouldn’t even be out any hot dogs if he came by as he purchased 500 hot dogs and 500 hamburgers along with buns for a New York soup kitchen.

The funny thing is that he apologized because people thought he was being disrespectful to the Oakland Raiders.  First of all, the Jets were up 38-0 at the time and if anyone owes someone an apology, it is the Oakland Raiders and they need to apologize for masquerading as a NFL team.

Back to the hot dog cart.  They sell them at Home Outfitters and I am wondering how many of these they sell in Saskatoon because how big could the home hot dog cart market really be?  Well all I know is that it one less then it could have been because Wendy never caught the vision of hotdogs 24.7.365 at our house.