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Why I Love Creative Commons (and Flickr)

Long time readers of this blog know how much I love Flickr and over the years I have uploaded about 12,000 photos to the site.  Photography is one of those things that I am not that good at but I really enjoy and it is one of the things that Wendy, Mark, and I all enjoy doing together.  Every once in a while I get a call from a media outlet, a band, or a book who would like to use a photo that I had taken to use in their publication.  Since I release under a Creative Commons license, even for a business or commercial use, I generally say yes.  Last week I was contacted by someone at the Canadian Tourism Commission and asked if they could use a picture I had taken of the Bessborough Hotel in Saskatoon for a story they were doing.  I said sure and they posted the story today.

The ghost of the Delta Bessborough

A friendly old fellow in a gray fedora roams the banquet level of the Delta Bessborough, a majestic riverside castle in Saskatoon, SK, that this year celebrates its 75th anniversary. The ghost smiles graciously at those he meets—usually after dark. He seems so real that guests don’t always realize he’s an apparition unless they mention him to staff, who will nod wisely and share their own tales of encounters. One theory is that he’s a former employee who died by falling seven stories into the lobby; there’s a crack in the marble floor where he allegedly landed. Ouch.

Not only is it fun to see my photo used, it’s even cooler (or is that spookier?) to find out that the Bessborough is haunted.  Despite being at a lot of banquets over the years down there, I don’t think we have met… yet.