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Shooting in my neighborhood

A shooting on Friday night in our neighborhood

The shooting happened Friday night near midnight on the 1800 block of Idylwyld Drive, outside a business. Police did not provide any more information about the location. The area includes a number of restaurants and stores.

Police were told that four or five shots had been fired. When they got to the scene they found a man with a leg wound. He was taken to hospital.

For all of the conclusions that it was gang related, it almost sounds like an alcohol related shooting (time and location).  While neither bar located on that block are that rowdy, drunk guys with a handgun (I assume it was a handgun) always make things more interesting.

Armed and not all that dangerous

I was talking at work today about my first BB gun.  It was my father’s and in our house in Calgary, I remember shooting it in our basement.  A combination of age and use weakened it so it would not penetrate a cardboard box from across the room which was fine for a kid that six or seven years old.

Later I got a Daisy BB/Pellet gun that I never shot in anger except at some cans that ticked me off.  With the exception of shooting at skeet once in a while, I am not much of a hunter which means that if I was to have a gun in the house, it would be a .22 with the idea of shooting targets.

25616_lI was at XS Cargo today and they had these guns in stock for $12.88.  They are perfect.  Accurate enough to shoot at can and targets, not powerful enough to kill anything (they travel at less then 180 fps), and I don’t need a firearm license to own one.   It is single shot which means that if I take Mark out shooting, the risk of him panicking and squeezing off a dozen shots in my direction is mitigated.

I am planning to get a locked box for it because I did manage to shoot myself between the eyes with a BB gun once (I shot at solid metal sheet and it bounced back.  A friend of mine tells the story of taking a .22 bullet in the chest after shooting at a cow lick.  There is also the whole Dick Cheney duck hunting scenario as well…).  It will be locked well away from Mark as he learns basic gun safety or turns 23, whatever comes first.

The plan is to take Mark out a couple of times this summer and shoot until we are out of ammunition or the cans we are shooting at are beaten to a pulp.  At 180 fps and using a plastic bullet, I don’t think we have to worry about actually wrecking anything but we should be able to dent one or two cans.

Apparently there are games played with these guns.  I still remember how much it hurt when Lee shot me in the back of the leg years ago with paintball gun (note to self and to Lee, I still haven’t avenged that act yet).  Getting shot but an even faster and harder pellet doesn’t seem like a lot of fun but then again, I just saw Rambo as a movie, not as a way of life.