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Turkey, turkey, and more turkey

It’s Thanksgiving around here and to celebrate it we had planned to spend it at the lake.  That didn’t work out so well as Lee got sick and needed a day to sleep it off and so we planned to go south today to the lake but then we heard of a massive snowfall warning.  So we ditched Lee and we went to the cabin yesterday and spent a couple hours there and closed it up.  Wendy blogged about the trip here and the highlight of the day was making some plans for next year with her.  (Wendy also posted some of the cabins we used for inspiration for the deck)  We may head up again in about 10 days when I have some vacation days but if it doesn’t happen, we don’t need to return to close up the cabin this winter.

Today Lee is feeling better and is coming over as we eat turkey together and give thanks that we are not snowed in at the lake.  When the eating is done, we can warm up the guitar and the PlayStation and see who is the Guitar Hero in the house.  Tomorrow I will do some more serious writing and posting here.