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"I hate dat Derek Jeter too"

A couple of years ago when we were in Boston for Soularize, our hotel had a little (kind of big) fire in it.  As we were exiting, some Boston firemen were entering the building with axes and  theirfire hose.  I was expecting them to have their game faces on and be in the zone to fight whatever danger they would face but no, this is what we heard as we left and they entered the fire, “I hate dat Derek Jeter too.”

mlb22_djeter4_photo_01_md I was out tonight and I saw a McFarlane Derek Jeter figurine on sale and it brought back all of these warm (pun intended) memories of Boston and to remind me that somewhere in Boston right now is an overweight Boston firefighter with a handlebar mustache hating Derek Jeter when he should be concentrating on his job.

I also noticed that he had done up a Calgary Flames Grant Fuhr figurine as well.   It looked pretty accurate but it had one mistake, he was actually stopping the puck.  Calgary Flames know that didn’t really ever happen when he was in Calgary.