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Google Apps

Google Apps At work we have had a nightmare with our e-mail server because of some corrupted data with the domain name registrar.  We changed some e-mail addresses and decided to use Google Apps for e-mail.  It was pretty painless with Dreamhost setting up everything with one click.

Basically it is free if you are using under 200 users.  It includes 7 megs of space for mail, a calendar, Google Docs, Sites, and Google Talk.  Everything works within your own domain and it was pretty easy to setup.  There was only a couple of default settings we changed for Google Sites.

It’s free and so far the staff love it.  As far as training, I think it will be about 10 hours for 30 users which includes setup.  If you are running IT for a church, a non-profit, or a small business, it seems to me to be a pretty obvious choice for all of your web needs and the price is sure right — free for under 200 users.