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Saskatchewan Seat Projections

From ThreeHundredEight.com

Saskatchewan seat projections A couple of interesting things to note.

  • The Saskatchewan Party is leading in Saskatoon Eastview and in Meewasin which puts Judy Junor and Frank Quenell’s seats at risk.  Both are longtime NDP MLA’s and former cabinet ministers.  Quenell has pulled difficult elections out in the past and the 17% Liberal support could easily go to Quenell.  Don’t call it for Roger Parent yet.
  • As for Judy Junor, she has traditionally done well in the riding, Corey Tochor looks like a credible candidate for the Saskatchewan Party who see it as a riding they can win.
  • Outside of Saskatoon Meewasin, there is no area in province where there is double digit support for the Liberal Party, including Ryan Bater’s riding of North Battleford.  Since no Liberal leader has won their seat since Linda Haverstock did, I doubt we will see a Liberal in the legislature and I would doubt that the Liberal Party will reach the 15% of vote needed to qualify for reimbursement of election expenses.  Could this be the election that kills the Liberal Party of Saskatchewan?