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(Not) taking care of those that can’t take care of themselves

According to the provincial auditor, the Saskatchewan government doesn’t know how many children are in it’s care

But a new report by Brian Atkinson, the acting provincial auditor, released Wednesday said that after two years of urging, the Ministry of Social Services still does not know how many children are under care, who they are and where they live.

The minister said they can tell how many children are in the system, just that it’s convoluted. And the case management system is being replaced, added the minister. But how did it get so bad? A car dealer in such poor shape would be out of business or its manager fired and replaced long before disaster struck.

One estimate puts 4,700 children in the care of Social Services. Even if the ministry is able to track the numbers, it doesn’t appear to be able to manage the number of children. On the same day the report was released, a woman accused in a foster baby death had her court case delayed again.