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Heather Morrison on the Food Bank Challenge

Magic 98.3 and CFCR’s Heather Morrison has been taking the Food Basket Challenge and is sharing her reflections on what she is experiencing without enough food to eat.

It’s interesting to see how we (those that don’t have to worry about food security issues) see a loss of food. Heather is dealing with it through creating connections of community which is kind of what I expect any of us to do.

Many people that I work with do the exact opposite. Hoarding and even violence over extra food has broken out (not that there was a shortage of food but I have seen fights break out over yogurt or a cake in the past). I have seen people try to take garbage bags of free bread, even though there has been more than enough free bread everyday for years.

Of course the key is that I said many but not all. This summer while walking home, some of the formerly homeless men that I worked with now live in my neighbourhood. They had a tiny barbecue that they had bought at a garage sale and were out cooking up something out front of the house on of them was renting and then told me to invite the boys down as well (they knew Wendy was working as they had just bought some burgers from her). As we ate (I sprung for some Coke and Pepsi and another thing of burgers), I found myself wondering why some place a very high value on community like they do while others retreat into a survival mode where anything they can get, whether they need it or not becomes everything, at the sake of the community around you.

I am going to assume that those that place community the highest were raised in a community that cared, while those that place no value on community, were probably exploited by those around them.

Glad Heather posted the video. She’s a DJ, actor, and now a (somewhat hungry) philosopher.