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My New Phone

Samsung Link Well after my old Samsung Link drowned in the washing machine and then scorched in the dryer, I had to head out and replace it.  After looking around at a couple of options, I decided to get a… wait for it… another Samsung Link but this time in red.  They are now under $70 and the phone has survived a bit of abuse (Wendy put it on the roof of the Festiva and drove away).  It’s not a Blackberry but it does give me access to my e-mail and the web when I need it.  It may be my favorite phone that I have ever owned.

foneGEAR The one thing that I never liked about it was it didn’t come with a carrying case.  I tried several but I never found one that I really liked or really fit it that well.  Ironically the night that I wrecked my original phone, I finally found a great case at Walmart by foneGEAR.  It provides a snug fit my phone, has a magnetic latch on it but still offers easy access.  It lists for $20 but I picked on up on sale for $10.

Oh yeah, I get asked all of the time how I like Virgin Mobility’s service in Saskatchewan.  Virgin uses SaskTel’s coverage map which means that I get coverage all over Saskatchewan (except at the cabin).  The only thing I don’t like about Virgin is that I wish they would e-mail my bill (rather than text me) and their website is really inconsistent.  We have been using Virgin for over a year and I have never seen a website that is so hit and miss as you are adding services or paying your bill.  That being said, any time I have had to call them about anything, they have been great.