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Don’t shed a tear for hard working coaches

Mike Florio has a great article in the Sporting News on the “sacrifice” coaches make to succeed.

In the wake of Urban Meyer’s decision to step down as coach of the Florida Gators — and before he decided less than 24 hours later not to step down after all — the media erupted with lamentations regarding the long hours football coaches devote to their professions.

Even at the college level, which provides significantly less access to players, coaches spend countless hours recruiting new players … and making sure their current players stay out of trouble … and fielding calls from parents … and studying film … and doing all sorts of other things that sound incredibly demanding and challenging.

Give me a break.

These guys are living the dream. They get paid millions of dollars, they bask in the limelight, and they never have to lift anything heavier than a suitcase. If the price is devoting every waking moment from July through December to preparing their teams for games and most waking moments in the other six months of the year laying the foundation for the coming season, then so be it.

And guess what: If guys like Urban Meyer don’t want to do it, folks who have "real" jobs will line up out the door and down the street and across the bridge for a crack at replacing them.

The same thing applies to NFL coaches, some of whom supposedly rise earlier than the Amish. (And if you didn’t know that, just ask them.) Though I’ve always been skeptical of the notion that former Raiders and Bucs coach Jon Gruden starts each day long before the cock crows, so what if guys like Gruden get up extra early to watch game film and to figure out how best to plan the plays that will be called against an upcoming opponent?

No matter how hard they work, it’s not work. It’s organized play.