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Knife Fight

I use a knife at work and for months, I have used a Strider folding knife.  Strider makes knives for Seal Team 6 and they are really, really nice knives.  This one is smaller but still looks intimidating which isn’t the look I was going for. 

I found a Gerber Rip Stop knife and I decided to get it but Wendy said that the boys would want to get it for Father’s Day.  So instead of letting me have it, she got me a $3 knife from Wal-Mart.

I had it with me and never really used it until one day it wouldn’t even cut through tape.  It was that bad.  Mark found out and starts to re-inact a potential 911 call.

Mark: Help, I am being attacked by my knife wielding lunatic father.

Operator: Are you hurt?

Mark: Well kind of.  He has jabbed me several times and I am starting to get a rash.

Operator: I hasn’t broken the skin?

Mark: No but a couple more days of this and I could get a callous or something.  Maybe a minor infection.

Operator: All the police are busy but I can send a dermatologist early next week….

The knife was that bad.   So finally I get the Gerber Ripstop and the first thing I test is that it can cut Scotch tape.  So at least I am making progress.  It also doesn’t look intimidating  So we are winning in that way as well.

Father’s Day Giveaway from Ford!

With Father’s Day almost here, I have a cool giveaway for readers of the blog for Father’s Day compliments of Ford Canada.

Here are the rules.  Leave a comment with your real name and email address.  Tell a story about driving with your dad (or step-dad or uncle or father figure), tell us a little about the car, the place, and why it was memorable.  It can be meaningful or funny, you pick.

I’ll do a draw from the contestants and you will win….

  • Ford Genuine Parts Bar Stool with Backrest Constructed from heavy gauge 1” tubular steel frames with lustrous chrome plated finish. Commercial grade vinyl covering screened on the underside so designs will not scratch off with use. Thick foam padded seats rotate on a 360 degree swivel. Easy assembly required. Recommended for indoor use only. Dimensions: Seat – height 30” Seat Diameter- 14” Backrest Height: 42”
Gp stool
  • Ford Genuine Parts retro metal and wood sign.
Ford v8 blue
  • Ford ball cap

Winners will be notified by email on Monday and Ford will ship the prize anywhere in Canada.  I am looking forward to reading your stories!

Father’s Day

I woke up this morning and was met by two boys and Mark’s Hoodie (don’t ask) who gave me some nice Father’s Day gifts.

Dynamite crate full of fire starters
Dynex Monopod

We we had hoped to take some cameras out on the town but the weather stopped that idea.  Instead we went to Smiley’s for brunch and had some horrible food and then hung out at home over coffee. I wanted to go elsewhere but was overruled.  Apparently I get the gifts but no input on lunch.  I missed that in the Father’s Day Charter but they assure me that is the case.

Thanks to Mark, Oliver, and Wendy for making the day special.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father's Day Gift Guide Over at Jordon Cooper Outfitters I put together a Father’s Day Gift Guide.  It includes a series of products that have been highlighted over the last several months plus all of the reasons your father will love them.

Speaking of Jordon Cooper Outfitters, some of you have asked how the site is going.  The traffic has continued to grow and it’s developing it’s own growing community.  I kind of committed to myself that I would do it for a year and re-evaluate where it is going but so far i am still enjoying what is happening with it.  I enjoy finding the products and I really enjoy creating the gift guides so if you want to pass on a link or two, I would appreciate it.

Father’s Day

Black Eyed Peas :: The End Well today is Father’s Day.  It started out with Mark and Oliver waking me up and giving me some presents.  The big one was this twin reversible fan for the cabin. They also got me the new Black Eyed Peas album.  I’ll admit it, I have been listening to the Boom Boom Pow single for a couple of months on my iPod and on YouTube.  While dance music isn’t usually my thing, I like this album.  Maggi gave me a thermometer for the barbecue.   Apparently she wants the table scraps she gets cooked a little more precisely.

After we tooled around a bit today as a family, Lee and a friend of ours came over for supper tonight.

Honeywell two way window fanI am pretty excited about the fan as the cabin takes a long time to cool down at night, even with the windows open.  Hopefully this fan sucking cool air in and hot air out will make it a little more enjoyable once it cools down outside.  It also is a lot cheaper than running the air conditioner.  Depending on how well it works at the lake, I may get one for the house.  There is nothing like a gift like this to also expose your families ulterior motives.  Both Mark and Wendy have claimed their spot for it at the cabin.  Apparently it being a gift for me means nothing.

I really enjoy being a father to Mark and Oliver.  Both pose their unique challenges as a father but it is the best decision Wendy and I ever made was having kids and we have been rewarded with some great ones.

Speaking of the kids, I never blogged about this but Mark has his yellow belt now in karate.  He worked extremely hard to get it and is pretty proud of himself.  His year end karate barbecue also includes a water fight.  We went shopping for a new water gun and suggested he tell his Sensei to “bring it on”.  Mark replied, “I did that last year.  He really did. I got really wet.”

As far as Oliver goes, he took his first step last week.  Of course when he does, he does an immediate face plant.  He obviously gets his agility and balance from me.