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Everyone Deserves a Roof

Everyone Deserves a Roof

While not the perfect solution to end homelessness, these mobile housing units do play a role in keeping people who are homeless warm and dry.  From their website.

During the day, the EDAR unit is used to pursue the necessities of life. Personal belongings are secured by the use of locks. The front and back of the cart have storage baskets with removable canvas pouches. The unit is waterproof and provides protection for what it contains. EDAR’s wheels are better than a supermarket cart’s, being slightly larger and easier to steer in a consistent fashion. There are two brake and locking mechanisms which ensure the unit will not move on its own.

At night, the EDAR unit easily hinges out and down to Night Mode in less than 30 seconds, becoming a sleeping unit. Unfolding the unit allows it to lock in place as the flat metal base extends. The metal and wood base has a mattress and military-grade canvas cover, providing a robust tent-like shelter. The unit is flame-retardant, waterproof, windproof and helps protect from the elements. There are translucent windows that provides light and a view of the surrounding area. By re-folding the unit, the EDAR quickly returns to Day Mode.

They won’t work great in places like Saskatchewan but in places which have a temperate climate, I could see these working as small transitional communities.

EDAR’s are given free of charge as resources allow, to homeless people directly and through our shelter partners. We track the progress of the EDAR units through our shelter partners and by asking the users to call a toll-free number to let us know how each EDAR is working for them and exactly how and where they are using the EDAR.

Cities own many pieces of scrap land which go to waste. Similar to the Dome Village in downtown Los Angeles, a local authority provides unused land, so that EDAR can be used as the ready-made basis of a small community, ideally five to ten EDAR units. This has positive pro-social and mental health attributes for the homeless: toilet facilities, showers, a payphone with answering service as well as soup kitchen drop-off, clothing and social services are all facilitated on-site.