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When you thought that the Tiger Woods story could not get any stupider

Tiger Wood and Elin Nordegren Woods in happier times More can be found here.  This is just weird and I don’t know who it portrays as being worse.  It gives the impression that their marriage is more of a financial transaction and not a marriage.

I don’t know, maybe I should not be shocked, the rich have married for wealth, prestige, treaties, and in the case of Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman, she married him because he had a better New York apartment (she was joking one night on Letterman).  I guess $55 million (or how many the actually amount actually is) would make sense of two years of “dutiful bliss” but there would seem to be a lot better options for both of them. (like working out their issues in ways that involve lawyers on both sides).

The Tiger Slam

Dan Wetzel has it right when he writes about the Tiger Woods crash.  He doesn’t have anything to gain from addressing the media.

He’s a golfer, not a moral-crusading politician. Saying nothing may not convince people who suspect this was a wild marital incident – TMZ.com is reporting some of Woods’ injuries came from Elin, not the car crash – but no amount of explaining will do that.

People are going to believe what they want. He’s a cad. She clubbed him. Whatever. It’s too late for damage control now.

The only problem is those pesky cops. No one likes being lied to, but the police can do something about it. Unless Elin’s unbelievable story is somehow true, then this gets a little tricky.

Let’s say this was as crazy as you can dream up. I wouldn’t blame Elin or Tiger, in the heat of the moment, from trying to concoct a story that made it sound a little more innocent. Other than the fire hydrant, there’s no aggrieved party here. No crime was committed – unless you want to stick Tiger with driving without a seat belt.

They should be able to move on.

The police may see it differently.

So what does and doesn’t get explained to investigators – comments that will become public via the police report and could cause further legal headaches – is paramount.

Which is why you can’t blame Tiger and Elin for delaying the interview a couple of days, or indefinitely, if possible.

As much as America wants to know the truth, it’s their life, perfect or not. I’d be stunned if Tiger didn’t just politely hand over his information, lawyer up and deal with whatever he needs to deal with in his typical manner – privately.