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Saskatoon’s Ward One

A bunch of you have e-mailed or talked to me and asked if I was voting for Sean Shaw in the upcoming Civic election and the simple answer is no as he is not running in my ward.  If Wendy and I lived in Ward 4, we would support his campaign but since we live in Ward 1, we are supporting Darren Hill’s re-election for the following reasons.

  • When we have had concerns with the city (we have an overgrown weed filled lot behind us), his response to us was only slightly slower than the speed of light.  Within minutes he responded to our query, within just a few more minutes he had driven by the lot and responded again and within days were were involved in a discussion with the Fire Department on the issue (the weeds are a fire risk).  Both Wendy and I were really impressed. 
  • Since it was Wendy that initiated the complaint via e-mail, we were signed up for his email mailing list which he has faithfully kept us up to date for the last couple of years.  His coverage of City Council is better than the media and delivered in the format it is, it invites us to give easy feedback. 
  • While I don’t always agree with his stances in council, there hasn’t been a single issue that has made me cringe over his statements or judgment.  Over the years I have friends joke that they want to move out of their ward over some statements their councilor has made.  While this Star Phoenix article says that he has a left to centre lean politically, I have never noticed a partisan voting pattern and to be honest, Ward 1 is a centre left area of the city.
  • Councilor Hill has been involved in bringing together stakeholders in the Ward over his entire term.  Yes, we could wait for the police or city to solve all our problems and they do play a roll but as Jane Jacobs has written, we as the community need to play the largest roll.

Of course Ward 1 isn’t perfect.  There is no Starbucks coffee available in the ward and I think the ward could use a couple more outdoor skating rinks and at least one maintained tennis court.  There is also more and more prostitution along 33rd Street now which may be related to the brothels in Mayfair but I think we are better off now than we have been in a while and I think Darren Hill has earned a shot at a second term.