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A Year Under the Perfect Sun

A Year Under the Perfect SunI posted a couple of weeks ago that I had ordered A Year Under the Perfect sun from the Ecclesia Collective. It’s a zine put together by Jason and Brooke Evans and within minutes of submitting my order, I got an e-mail from Jason saying it had been sent.  A couple days after Christmas it arrived and Wendy and I sat down to read it.

I haven’t bought a zine in years (which along with the fact that I am bald and now own a Honda Accord may mean that I am not the hipster I think thought I was) and I almost forgot what to expect.  What I got a well written, beautifully designed piece that actually inspired me and reminded me what living as a Christian is about and has made me think that if I was going to move, moving to be a part of what the Ecclesia Collective is doing in San Diego would be a good idea (although that may be the -47 degrees celcius weather talking as well).

If you haven’t ordered your copy yet, head on over and get your order in.  While I am sure the black and white version looks good, you will want to get the color copy, it’s worth the extra money.  After reading the zine through, I found myself (and Mark) going through it a couple of times just to enjoy the design and the graphics.

I was going to take some photos of it but I saw these on the Collective website and they give you an idea of how it looks and the time that was put into it.

A Year Under the Perfect Son A Year Under the Perfect Sun

Not only does it give a great overview of what the Ecclesia Collective did in 2008, it’s a great conversation starter for what your community can do in 2009.

A Year Under the Perfect Sun

Jason & Brooke Evans along with the rest of the Ecclesia Collective have published a zine.

A Year Under The Perfect Sun As a way to say “thank you” to everyone that has been a part of the Ecclesia Collective, we have created our first annual ‘zine! Through words and images A Year Under The Perfect Sun documents the activities of the Collective throughout 2008 and includes portions of articles posted on our website, our manifesto, the Hawthorn House covenant, recipes and how-to’s. Each page includes sewing and images drawn by Brooke and Jason Evans.

The title comes from the book, Under The Perfect Sun, which tells the untold history of San Diego. This seemed appropriate since we think this 20-page creation gives a glimpse of an alternative story of those following Jesus in this place.

If you would like a copy, you can purchase the ‘zine in full color or black and white (cover is still in color). Single copies are available at $10 per full-color copy  and $5 per black and white copy. Shipping included.

I bought one earlier today and I got a note from Jason saying it is in the mail.  I’ll post some more about it when I get it next week but don’t wait for me, order one today.