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The Ankle

Dwight Freeney on the cover of Sports Illustrated The ankle is healing.  It was a little worse than originally thought which means that surgery may be in my future.  I evaluated my chances of being drafted this year into the NFL and after talking to my agent, I decided that there is no rush for surgery.

It hurts an awful lot.  The good news is that the Swede-O brace really limits the movement but it doesn’t help with keeping the swelling down.  I can make it until about 2:00 p.m. most days until the swelling starts and brings the pain along.  Once I get home, I am off my feet and as long as I stay off it, I seem to make it okay.

It still is a bruised and discolored mess.  If I am indoors, it is bearable to walk on but if I am outside in the uneven snow and ice, the sideways pressure is still quite painful.  I have a high pain tolerance but I can’t comprehend how players like Dwight Freeney go out and play with a third degree sprain.  I know it’s taped and I know there is probably a good chance it is frozen solid before going out there but still, it must be overwhelmingly painful for them.

Then again, maybe $10 million or so a year that players like Freeney get takes away some of the of the pain.