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2010 New Year’s Resolutions

2010 is finally here!

Okay, I just checked out my 2009 New Year’s Resolutions.  Let’s see how I did.

  1. Walk or ride by mike to work 100 days next year :: Not even close.  I did it about 50 times.  FAIL 
  2. Read a book a week :: I read a lot but I would do about 2 books a day while up at the lake each time we went up there for three or four days.  It was like binge eating.  FAIL
  3. Play a game of tennis a week weather permitting :: Never played a single game.  I suck.  FAIL
  4. Golf five times this summer with Mark.  FAIL
  5. Take three drives from the book that the Reimer’s gave me for Christmas, Saskatchewan Scenic Drives :: We did two but that’s fine with me.  PASS
  6. Get out of the country once in 2009 :: PASS
  7. Put a front and a back deck on the cabin :: FAIL I put the gazebo up and am happy with that.  This year I will add a front patio.  It was hot on the days I wanted to do some work and there is this ice cream stand where the breeze blows through underneath the shade trees…
  8. Finish my documentary on homelessness in Saskatoon :: FAIL but I made some progress.
  9. Learn how to fish. :: Never went once.  FAIL
  10. Dedicate some more time to Resonate in 2009.  PASS

So here are the 2010 New Year’s Resolutions.

  • Grey Owl's cabin at Prince Albert National Park Mark and I are going to hike to Grey Owl’s cabin.  It’s about 40 kilometers round trip through the Canadian boreal forest.  It’s a pretty clear trail and with or without a GPS it will almost impossible to get lost.  Mark got so excited when I brought up the idea, he almost started packing.  It’s a two day hike in and out so it should be a lot of fun.  I am not sure if Wendy will be joining us but if she does, it will be a lot of fun.
  • I want to do about 1500 km on the bike this year.  It isn’t quite was Dave King will do in 2010 but then again, I don’t think I am as committed to my goal as he is.
  • Wendy wants to lose some weight this year.  I am supporting her by giving up all junk food and cutting my Diet Coke consumption (a side note, while I loved a cool Pepsi and Coke while growing up, I can’t stand their taste now on the occasional time where I will drink a bit of one).  Odd to think that you can lose a taste for something like that.  Then again I don’t have much sweet things anymore so maybe I lost my sweet tooth. 
  • Play a game of tennis twice a month.  This time I am serious.  I have a great Prince racket which I hope will intimidate my opponent into thinking I have a better game than I do.  Sadly I don’t think it will work as Wendy plans to be my opponent for most of those games.  The frustrating part about this is Saskatoon has shut down quite a few of their west side tennis courts which means that on the weekends, it can be hard to find a court.
  • Golf at Silverwood Golf five times this summer with Mark.  The plan is to manufacture Mark into a world famous golfer and billionaire by the time he is 30.  Well maybe not.  The actual plan is to make him into a kid that can hit a straight drive once in a while.  For those of you not from Saskatoon, Silverwood Golf Course was designed for kids and parents to golf at.  It’s a dual 9 hole course which will mean for some quick games (well it depends on how we golf). It’s a pretty cool idea and it will be our golf club of choice in 2010.
  • Read better books this year :: I read a lot of garbage last year, most of it was sent to me by Christian publishers looking for kind reviews.  At the end of many of them I felt like I had wasted a lot of time.  This year I am tossing them out and focusing on books that will challenge me and expand my thinking, not just frustrate me.
  • Write more and also use more video on the blog :: I don’t know if I am going to retire the contextless links or not but the plan is to write longer, better researched, and better written posts.  I am also going to start using video more for some fun but also longer features.  The pith can stay with Twitter.