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Prime Minister’s I Have Known

From the Guardian.  I love this story about Denis Thatcher.

One morning, he and his wife were flying to Scotland. The flight attendant asked what he would like to drink, and he said firmly: "A gin and tonic."

"Isn’t it a bit early for a gin and tonic?" Mrs Thatcher inquired.

"It is never too early for a gin and tonic," he said.

Discretion sometimes won. Jim Naughtie of the Today programme recalls chatting to Denis on the landing at Downing Street during a reception, standing next to a large potted plant. Denis was drinking gin and tonic. One of the prime minister’s detectives approached him and whispered: "The Boss is here, sir."

Denis deftly poured his drink into the plant pot, then reached out to embrace his wife.

There are stories ranging from Margaret Thatcher to David Cameron in the piece. via