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Hockey Players Should Never Be Interviewed

From the Toronto Star which is reporting that the NHL players are having 13.5% of their salaries placed into escrow.

Dan Boyle during happier times "Soon, one-quarter of our paycheques may be gone," said San Jose defenceman Dan Boyle. "Everyone out there is taking some kind of cut. It’s tough for everyone."

You are right Dan, it is tough for everyone but it’s a lot tougher for those of us who make under $1 million a year, have to work the entire season and aren’t pampered athletes.  I doubt you get a chance to read a paper these days but a lot of of people who are not professional athletes are losing their jobs, homes, and everything they worked for.

The reason you are losing money, is the because the people coming to your games, are losing an awful lot more. 

The quote reminds me that during any work stoppage, the players are always amazed that the fans generally support the owners.  It is because of player complaining about how hard their lives are playing a game.  If it is that hard, there is always the real world.