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The Long Weekend

I hope everyone is having a great Victoria Day long weekend.  My original plans involved flying to Hamilton to take in Cultivate Gathering.  At the same time we are short staffed at work and the reality was there was a really good chance I was going to have to work this weekend and we were out of people to cover.  With great reluctance I cancelled my flight on the probability that I would have to work.

B.C. Legislative Building The good news is after several calls to the airline and Airmiles, we changed the ticket to take Wendy, Mark, and I to Victoria for our anniversary in October.  Mark hasn’t seen the ocean and Victoria is such a great city with some good friends in close proximity.

Since I was planning to be out of town, Wendy decided to take off to the cabin for the weekend with some friends and the kids.  When the tickets were cancelled, we decided I would chill out at home with the dog and catch up on some sleep unless I have to work.  It means that Maggi and I get to hold down the fort by ourselves and I get to do some reading.  I finally picked up Michael Lewis’s book, Liar’s Poker and Paul Krugman’s book, The Return of Depression Economics and the Crisis of 2008 and so by Monday I will hopefully have learned something that I didn’t know today.  I am not sure what Maggi will be reading.

I am also planning to do some biking this weekend.  I am already a couple hundred kilometers behind Dave King.