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Core Neighborhood Youth Cooperative

I am not sure that many of you in Saskatoon know about the CNYC.

The Core Neighbourhood Youth Co-op is an alternative high school program for at risk youth.  Youth are able to access high school credits and learn life and employment skills in a compassionate environment.  CNYC has continuous intake throughout the year which allows them to begin academic classes any time during the school year.

We take 18 youth in our program at one time but are working towards taking up to 30 youth.  Youth come to us generally by self-referral but we do take referrals from outside agencies such as the Young Offenders Program.  We do not screen our youth meaning we will give any youth interested a chance to participate in our programs.

They do a lot of cool things with youth like a monthly journal, carpentry programs, and a bike repair cooperative.  I get excited about what the CNYC does and the help they bring to kids in the inner city.  If you want to help, they have some needs for donations.  You can find out more information here.