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Mark: Media Critic

With Oliver having his seizures, Wendy and I decided to cancel our anniversary plans and go out for lunch instead.  It didn’t seem fair to make sitter deal with Oliver if he had a seizure.  Now Mark had chewed on his Nintendo DS stylus and while he didn’t tell me about it, I did notice it while we were at the cabin and after mocking him for it, I went out and bought a replacement for it.  EB Games didn’t have the ones he wanted so we checked out Wal-Mart at Preston Crossing.  We had some success there and Wendy suggested we go for lunch at Chili’s.  I didn’t really want to go but it was our anniversary so as is normal, I do what was the voices in my wife’s head tell me to do.

Lunch was just horrible.  We went in, ordered our drinks: a Ginger Ale and a Diet Pepsi and waited for 52 minutes until they came to the table.  Our meal came over an hour after we ordered and was lukewarm.  I should have sent them back but I was hungry and decided to eat it.  Big mistake. 

The burger was cold, the fries were cold, the gravy was cold.  It had obviously sat for a while.

Fast forward to that night, Nathan and Krista came over for coffee.  Around 10:00 p.m. I said to them, I wasn’t feeling well and as they left, I said to Wendy I needed to get some Pepto Bismol.  I never got around to it.  Before I could say anything, I was violently ill for over the next 9 hours.  It was food poisoning and it was the worst of my life.

I wasn’t happy with Chili’s and the next day Wendy called up the manager.  First of all she couldn’t even to get through to him but after she told the hostess that she was looking to sue the restaurant and wanted to know who to talk to, she got through. 

To his credit, the manager was both horrified, apologetic, and tried to make it right.  He offered us gift cards (thanks but no thanks), took notes, and did everything that he could do other than make a time machine and go back into time.  While my culinary feedback is not often taken seriously by our  kitchen, I do see how hard they work at making sure no one ever gets sick and a new staff + someone not doing their job = someone getting sick.

Bill-Belichick Well I took off Monday and came in raring to go on Tuesday.  Since Denver had beaten San Diego on MNF, I was wearing my Denver Broncos hoodie in honor of the Bill Bilichick coaching tree.  My voice still sounded horrible and I had dark circles under my eyes from being sick on Sunday night.  I didn’t feel that bad but I looked just horrible.

I was busy getting caught up with work when my boss mentioned that Jennifer Quesnel had called about the YWCA’s announcement that they turn away 10 people a night.  She asked about a couple of things and then returned to tell me that CBC was coming by right away and she needed me to do the interview.  I was the same guy that everyone was telling me how horrible I looked, I sounded horrible, and even at the best of times, I have the looks for radio.  Sometime in the morning I was drinking a frappachino while being bumped and I managed to spill something on my Broncos hoodie. 

Now to be honest, I have always enjoyed working with television crews because they always come to our location to shoot the footage.  It’s a lot easier to explain what we do to someone who is actually there and you know when you are on camera, you are being taped which is a little more relaxing.  I got burned a couple of years ago by the Star Phoenix when I was extremely clear that I was on background and they attributed it to me by name (the quote wasn’t damaging but I was livid afterwards).

So I did the interview and I wasn’t going to watch it or even mention it to anyone but someone at work squealed to Wendy who mentioned it to Mark.  So CBC News came on and the segment ran and I cringed when I was on.  Just I was turned the channel, Mark turns to me and grills me on everything that I said, how I said it, and even the shirt I wore).  After putting me under fire for a minute, he goes, “Well it was okay, I guess.  It wasn’t your best interview.  You should have told a joke.”  It was at that time I realized that my son was destined to end up being one of those talking heads who comments on the President’s tie after the State of the Union address.  No wonder Stephen Harper doesn’t like to watch Canadian news, his kids probably rip him apart when they see him on television.


Wendy and I have been married for 12 years today.  With Oliver being sick, it’s a pretty muted celebration but we did go to Chili’s today where we received the worst service I have ever gotten at a restaurant and then we ran some errands, did some shopping, and plan to chill out with some friends later tonight if all goes well.

Our big errand today was to get Mark some new Nintendo DS stylus’.  At the lake last weekend I grabbed his DS and made the observation that his stylus looked chewed on.  Mark confirmed my suspicions which has made a for a week of jokes since then.

I gave Wendy a iTunes card and a series of checklist pads that are designed for travelling while she gave me a new tripod for my camera and an iTunes card as well.  It wasn’t a bad day and we learned never to go to Chili’s again.

Wendy posted her thoughts on our 12 years of marriage today as well.  It’s been harder for her the last couple of years as she has dealt with a lot of external demons that have taken their toll.  Plus, I can’t be easy to live with :-)  I got a kick out of her phrase earlier this week where she just wanted to kick this last to the curb.  Hopefully things will be better a year from now.