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I’m moving out of Junior Nation

Dale Earnhardt Jr.For years I hated NASCAR but then Mark got into it and then for Father’s Day bought me a Dale Jr. watch which by default made me a member of Junior Nation.  Every Sunday after that we watched a race and spent our fair share of time watching practice and qualifying as well (great background noise when you are trying to work).  Having endured now two full seasons of a) heartless racing b) excuses and c) only one win, I have decided to declare myself a NASCAR free agent and am on the lookout for a new team and driver to cheer for.  Mark recently decided to cheer for Jeff Gordon which frees me up from having to cheer for Dale Jr.

My leading candidates so far are:

  1. Rowdy
  2. Tony Stewart
  3. AJ Allmendinger
  4. Carl Edwards
  5. Sam Hornish Jr.

I am partial to the open wheelers and while I like Mark Martin, another couple of years he will be racing motorized wheel chairs.  I would cheer for Jimmie Johnson but it is kind of like moving to America from Europe and cheering for the New York Yankees.  Would you want to hang out with that guy?  Neither would I.